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Our Story

We offer gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan lipstick and lip care products to enhance your natural beauty and remind you of the life-giving woman you are.

Dr Dami Babaniji Vip Lippy Owner CEO

Dr. Dami Babaniji

Dami Babaniji is a Certified Life Coach and board-certified physician by the American Board of Internal Medicine practicing in the state of Texas.


As a physician, she never imagined going into the beauty industry. Her journey as a lipstick entrepreneur began after she experienced significant burnout at the height of the COVID pandemic as a frontline physician. The experience made her question everything about her life’s mission, vision & purpose. At a point, she realized she was simply going through the motions & living in obscurity due to the burdensome effects of the pandemic. What she had worked so hard to achieve felt forced, dry, and lifeless.

During what felt like a valley experience, she learned the beauty of quiet, resilient strength that endures during her busy shifts. Her silent prayers under her double layered, lipstick-stained masks kept her going. She has since made it her mission to help other women like her find their gift & activate their potential to make a lasting impact and legacy. She calls it her LIP service (Legacy, Impact, Purpose) to the world.

This whole experience led to the birth of this inspirational brand that she coined V.I.P LIPPY. 

She named it V.I.P LIPPY, which is an acronym (physicians love acronyms lol!) with the goal to inspire our clients whom we call “V.I.P LIPPY ladies” to clarify their life Vision, make an Impact, fulfill their Purpose, Live & Leave their Legacy, be an Inspiration, live with Passion, unlock their Potential,…and every time they apply any of our beautiful lippies, they are saying a resounding ‘Yes’ to all that! This is what makes us different from any other lipstick brand on the market.

In summary, V.I.P LIPPY is an inspirational lipstick brand designed for women who love clean beauty and a dose of hope and encouragement infused into their everyday life as they become the best version of themselves. Our hope is to inspire YOU to reveal your inner beauty while enhancing your natural outer beauty. Think of V.I.P. LIPPY as your daily cheerleader, beauty bestie and the lipstick brand for world changers like you! ;-)

Our Products

We are not just proud of the confidence that our products give V.I.P LIPPY ladies,

we are proud of the ingredients that we put into each product with YOU in mind.

Green Leaves

All Vegan


Minority Female Owned

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Cruelty Free

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Paraben Free




Gluten Free


Online Courses

Hosted by Dr. Dami Babaniji


Self Care is Not Selfish!

In this FREE course you will learn skills for better self-care and self-love to live a more wholesome life. We face challenges that can be overwhelming and our self-care routine is usually the first thing that suffers.


Best HER Course

This course will give you the opportunity to Define, Clarify and Master Your Life Vision. This evergreen course launching on 12/1/22 and  includes exclusive recordings and content by V.I.P LIPPY founder Dami to help guide you to live your life without regrets--starting today! You may have asked yourself: 'how do I know what to do with my life right now?'


More Courses Coming Soon!


Recent Interview with 

Life & Work with Dr. Dami Babaniji

" I decided to live a more intentional, impactful life by tapping into my dormant potential and living up to the most fulfilling version of myself. I started to be more joyful and a new me emerged that I call ‘my best her’. "

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