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Confetti Girl


As a certified life coach & V.I.P LIPPY's leading lady, 

Dr. Dami has created a revolutionary, life-changing coaching program for the Everyday woman and is excited to share some valuable & practical life lessons about what it means to break glass ceilings, fulfill your dreams, and achieve your God-given purpose on this journey as a #VIPLIPPYLady!

your extraordinary V.I.P. LIPPY life that goes beyond just enhancing your outer beauty starts today!


Why should you enroll in the course?

You feel….

  • …stuck living a life that is not aligned with your life vision, values, dreams, and passions

  • …like you have many great ideas, but don’t know what you should narrow down and focus on

  • …like you want to break the endless, monotonous cycle of work, eat and sleep, and repeat

  • …like you don’t know who you truly are as a person & need more clarity

  • …like you want to START living your own V.I.P LIPPY life today!

…this course will help you identify and jumpstart the life you were meant to live!

New Course starts Dec. 1!


Online Courses

Hosted by Dr. Dami Babaniji


Self Care is Not Selfish!

In this FREE course you will learn skills for better self-care and self-love to live a more wholesome life. We face challenges that can be overwhelming and our self-care routine is usually the first thing that suffers.


Best HER Course

This course will give you the opportunity to Define, Clarify and Master Your Life Vision. This evergreen course launching on 12/1/22 and  includes exclusive recordings and content by V.I.P LIPPY founder Dami to help guide you to live your life without regrets--starting today! You may have asked yourself: 'how do I know what to do with my life right now?'


More Courses Coming Soon!

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